Mobile Inspections

Discover how easy mobile inspections can be.

Flexible iOS framework for building robust inspection applications.

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Dynamic Data Structure

Designed from the ground up to be fully customizable, Mobile Inspection takes full advantage of Apple's Core Data model. The heart of the iOS native Mobile Inspection application is powerful and robust, yet by itself does very little. The real magic happens when we combine the JSON dynamic data structure schema with Core Data and the Mobile Inspection framework. The JSON data structure describes the layout, design, formatting, validation and flow of virtually everything you see and interact with in the Mobile Inspection application.

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Data Hierarchy

Virtually any group of inspection items and sub-items you can imagine is easily translated to a Mobile Inspection, the sky is the limit.

All Items can have a custom set of rules for validation and data integrity requirements. Fields can have the ability to capture images, comments or preform complex calculations depending on your needs.

Data Security

Security is essential throughout. Every item in the inspection framework has a data security indicator. Any item marked as secure is stored encrypted on the device, in transit and in the backend database. Transmission of data over the network both to and from the device takes advantage of SSL. Touch ID is available for devices that support it.

Data Syncing

Full offline functionality and data optimization is exactly what you wanted to hear and that's what Mobile Inspection delivers. When you don't have coverage, Mobile Inspection still has you covered. If the device has network connectivity data syncing occurs in real-time, otherwise data is tagged and synced when network connectivity is available. Optimizing data transfers using JSON helps keep data payloads smaller and faster than XML or web services.

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