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Check the "How Do I?" and "Quick Links " menus. Our research shows that most people visiting the State web site are looking for something specific. We have pinpointed the most common requests in the "How Do I?" and "See Also" menus on the right-hand side of the major category pages within the site. Check to see if any of these apply to your request.
Use the Search tool. Enter one or two keywords that best describe your search. See Quick Search Tips (below) for more help. Then simply click on the search button, and a list of results that most closely match your keywords will be displayed.
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Quick Search Tips
The search tool appears at the top of every page in the web site. To begin a search of Alabama state government web sites, simply type in one or more keywords.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive (it doesn't matter whether you capitalize words or not).
  • You may include "not," "and" or "or" in your search to make it more specific (Boolean logic).
  • Phrase-searching is not currently available.
  • Try to choose keywords that best describe what you are searching for.
There are a few different ways to submit your search. Here are some examples that may help:
  • Type a single keyword: taxes
    Remember that every word on a page is indexed, so try to choose a word that will be fairly specific to your area of interest. If matches to your query are found, a list of matching pages will be displayed.
  • Search by more than one word: rules for tax filing
    The search engine only allows for searching by words, rather than by phrases. For example, if you search for "rules for tax filing", the search engine will show all pages containing "rules", "tax", and "filing", regardless of the word order. (The word "for" will be ignored because it is a common word and not indexed.) The search results will also include relevant documents even if they include only one word from your original query.
  • Search Results
    Once you submit the search, a list of documents containing your query will appear. The results will be ranked with the highest scoring pages listed first. Pages are given a "score" by the search engine according to how often and where the query word occurs. For example, a word in a page title will score higher than a word in the page text.  Generally, a higher-scoring page is more likely to be relevant to your search.
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